Our Story


Her Coils Organic is a Christian Black-Owned Hair Care line created by myself, Nicki Edwards. I once struggled with taking care of my natural hair which led me to grow up insecure about it. It still blows my mind to this day how God was able to use my decision to return natural to help shatter all the misconceptions I had concerning myself and my hair. My natural hair journey helped me to see myself the way God sees me in His image. 

Returning natural helped empower me to nourish and love my coils and grow in my god-given confidence. Who would have thought our hair held so much significance or had the power to make you feel less than? As women whether our hair is straight, short, long, curly or kinky, we'll always find an issue with it. Many women especially black women lack confidence because of either the condition of their hair or how coily, kinky or curly their hair is. We also can't forget the lack of representation in the media adding to those insecurities. 

I hated my tightly coiled hair. Her Coils Organic was birth as a result of my personal prayer to God to help me to love my hair and see myself as He sees me. I began to love my hair while using the products I created. My products helped me to train my hair, help make it manageable and easier to style (hair was always tangled because of my hair porosity). After 5 years of being natural and two big chops later, I began to see the beauty in my crown. I was not taught how to care for my hair growing up and as I result I hated it. As I began to educate myself on natural hair and how to care for it, I began to love my hair the way God created it to be. 

A woman's hair is her glory" (1 Corinthians 11:15). It's more than just hair, it's about her confidence and her identity lies in her confidence. If a woman is insecure about her hair or the way she sees herself, she is unsure about who God created her to be and lacks the confidence to operate in the god-given authority that she carries to walk in purpose. 

I wanted to create a brand for women like ME. Those struggling to care for their hair and want to grow healthy hair. Those struggling to see themselves the way God sees them. Those looking for quality products and desire to love their hair. I'm big on educating my consumers when it comes to learning about your hair. You can have all the right products and still struggle to care for your hair. Knowledge is and always will be power. That's why I'm always sharing natural hair care tips on how to care for your hair whether it's through our social media platform, email list, or blog. Black women learning how to care for their hair and falling in love with who God created them to be is a blessing! 

Though my story is still being written by God, I encourage you to try our products and educate yourself by reading our blog. I promise you everything you need is here with Her Coils Organic you won't regret it.

P.S If you read my whole story I hope it blessed you and may God bless you for reading. I know it was a little lengthy LOL! 🤗