About Us

Her Coils Organic is a black-owned business created by a woman for women with TYPE 4 HAIR. Our products are formulated with the best quality natural ingredients. We take pride in our ingredients. Each ingredient was carefully selected to give the kinky/coarse hair community products that work on their hair type. Products have been tested on looser curl pattern and work perfectly fine, but these products were formulated with type 4 hair in mind. We do not discriminate all are welcome! Even though there are a ton of natural hair care lines on the market. We still felt like something was missing when it comes to women with Coily and kinky textured hair. We created this styling duo that leaves the hair moisturized, defined and strengthened. Our products are formulated to not only make the hair look good but also to strengthen the hair, promote hair growth and length retention. The ingredients in our Blackberry & Acai Duo moisturizes the hair strand, define your hair pattern and promote hair growth.

Our Mission

To help women with natural hair embrace their kinky, curly and coily hair and change the perceptions and myths about type 4 hair. Type 4 hair can be moisturized, grow and curl. It can do whatever you want it to do. Our kinky hair is so versatile. With the right products, GOOD HAIR CARE regimen and knowledge, Type 4 hair is manageable. When cared for Type 4 hair grows. We not only intend to provide quality products but to also educate our customers. You can have the right products and still be missing key information on how to care for your hair properly (be sure to take a look at our blog and subscribe to our mailing list for more hair care tips)

Our Vision

To provide quality products (free of sulfates, silicones, paragons, mineral oil and phthalates) to our customers and to respect and value your feedback. To empower black women by providing support and equipping you with the tools you need to maintain and grow healthy hair. We are a firm believer that healthy hair grows and once you start to care for your hair, it will flourish.