Why You Should Pre-Poo Your Natural Hair

Today we're sharing the importance of pre-poo and why it should be incorporated into your hair regimen. It’s an extra step to your natural hair care regimen to protect your hair against the harsh stripping of the hair in the shampoo stage. It helps to decrease the risk of dryness after shampooing your hair.

What is Pre-Poo?

It is a treatment you can apply to your hair prior to the actual shampoo process. This treatment provides a protective layer for your hair during the shampooing process. Some shampoo often strips the moisture from our hair. Depending on the deep conditioner you apply after shampooing it may not always be enough to restore the lost moisture.

Pre-pooing your hair before a wash helps to detangle your hair and avoid losing excess hair during the washing of your hair. You can apply it before the shampoo stage.

Why Do You Need to Add Pre-Poo to Your Regimen?

Yes, it may seem like an extra step to your regimen. But the benefits outweigh the extra step. If you have long, thick, or coarse kinky hair Pre-Poo is certainly something you should try. It helps to restore dry, damaged, or tangled hair. Once you incorporate wash day into your regimen we guarantee, you will no longer have to dread wash day because detangling will be a breeze for you! 

When it comes to detangling, products with slip are a must so adding Pre-Poo before your shampoo will help to remove all the knots and tangles you run into when washing your hair. You won't have to worry about losing excess hair or breakage while washing your hair.

How to Apply Pre-Poo?

You can either use an oil loaded with nutrients and benefits. You can apply the oil to your hair for 30 mins to an hour before shampooing. Some naturals Pre-Poo the night before wash day and leave the oil overnight. We recommend leaving the oil overnight helps with detangling the day of shampooing and also helps your hair to soak in all the nutrients from the oil. When you have high porosity hair, your hair is easily tangled. 

Luckily for you, our Premium Blend Exotic Cocktail Oil is excellent for Pre-Poo treatments. It allows your hair to soak up the nutrients benefited from the particular ingredients. Exotic Cocktail oil was formulated with 16 different oils and carries loads of nutrients to reduce hair fall and minimize frizz. If your hair is always frizzy we challenge you to Pre-Poo with our Exotic Cocktail oil for 3 months (CONSISTENTLY) and see if you don't see a difference in your hair.

Benefits of our Premium Blend Exotic Cocktail Oil 

    • Reduce hair fall and frizz
    • Seal moisture and penetrate the hair shaft
    • Promote hair thickness
    • Stimulate hair growth
    • Boost shine and hair elasticity
    • Prevent dandruff and dry itchy scalp

Have you tried Pre-poo and if so, do you find it helpful?

Are your ready to incorporate Pre-Poo to your wash day? Grab your Exotic Cocktail oil now.


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