Why It's Important To Deep Condition Your Hair?

Do you deep condition often, coilies? We talk to so many coilies daily asking for hair tips and you won't believe how many of them do not deep condition their hair often. Today, we want to tackle this topic. Hopefully, after reading this blog post you will incorporate deep conditioning regularly into your hair regimen.

Some women deep condition weekly, biweekly and monthly. Others deep condition every time they shampoo, so if they wash their hair 2-3 times a week, they deep condition 2-3 times a week. Shampoo strips the hair and they have to follow up with a deep conditioner to add the moisture back into their hair.

What is a deep conditioner?


If you are reading this and do not know what a deep conditioner is, it’s okay, no need to feel bad! A deep conditioner is thicker in substance and contains ingredients to penetrate the hair shaft. The purpose of a deep conditioner is to TEMPORARILY repair and nourish the hair cuticles with higher viscosity. Because the deep conditioner is thicker it needs to be left on the hair longer to penetrate your hair shaft. When you use heat with your deep conditioners it allows for the conditioner to penetrate the hair strands easier. Deep conditioners are like a temporary fix. It’s something you should do regularly.

Did you know deep conditioning your hair at least once a week makes your hair less prone to breakage and helps to retain length? Depending on the needs of your hair you may have to deep condition your hair often. Only YOU know the state of your hair. As mentioned some people deep condition every two weeks and it works for them. Then there are others who deep condition every time they wash their hair. My hair can’t afford to wait two weeks because I have highly porous hair and locking in moisture is a major problem for me. So I deep condition once a week. 

Here comes an important part, depending on the ingredients in your deep conditioner it can also help fight frizz, dryness and those damaged strands in your hair. So if your hair is constantly experiencing breakage, dry and frizzy. You may want to find a deep conditioner that was formulated to treat those issues with your hair and use it consistently for your hair to bounce back. We want you to understand the importance of deep conditioning your hair, it is vital to the overall HEALTH of your hair. We stress a lot about focusing on the health of your hair. Don’t worry about the length it will come later once your hair is healthy. It makes no sense if your hair is growing and it’s damaged. To grow long and healthy hair we believe deep conditioning regularly is a key component to get to your desired length amongst other things. 

Why is it important to deep condition your hair? It can help prevent heat damage and replace moisture and protein in your hair shaft. You don’t want to skip out on deep conditioning your hair it can cause serious breakage to your hair. If your hair is dry and brittle it makes it easy to snap (elasticity) or break with tension. 

The overall goal is to prevent breakage so you need to nourish, strengthen and always keep your hair moisturized. When you deep condition your hair often it helps to restore the elasticity of your hair and prevent hair loss. For those with colored dye in your hair, you cannot afford to skip deep conditioning your hair. Coloring your hair can alter your hair strands and weaken your hair. Leaving it open to breakage.

The best way to avoid any more damage is to deep condition your hair regularly but not too regularly.

Don't over condition your hair, you have to maintain protein and moisture balance in your hair. You will know if your hair is dealing with moisture overload if it starts looking limp or lifeless. If that happens then adjust how often your deep condition. An easy fix for moisture overload in your hair is to do a protein treatment to balance. Nevertheless, it’s important to incorporate deep conditioning into your hair regimen. It’s very important to look at the ingredients and description of the product when you purchase it. You need to know if it applies to what your hair needs. If your hair is currently experiencing breakage look for products that fight breakage. Those are things you need to look for when you’re buying products. You buy products that are formulated to combat whatever your hair struggle is.

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How often do you deep condition your hair, coilies?

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