How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage?

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage? We think it's safe to say all the coilies around the world are still trying to figure this one out! Pre-Poo might be foreign to some in the natural hair community especially when it adds an extra step to your wash day. 

Many don’t find it as useful or understand the importance of pre-poo and why it should be incorporated into their hair regimen. Maybe you’re one of those whose hair is perfect and detangling is super easy for you on wash day. If so, then you may not find this post helpful. However, we're here today to preach to those still struggling with tangles and breakage! For those who have dry, brittle hair or healthy hair but experience a ton of breakage on wash day.

This post is for you, Sis. A couple of years ago, after feeling frustrated and ready to give up on my natural hair, I researched “how to deal with High Porosity hair.” I learned high porosity hair is easy to get tangled. I came across the method of pre-pooing and I decided to incorporate pre-poo into my hair regimen and it has done wonders for my hair. One of the main reasons I started pre-poo was to minimize the tangles and breakage I was experiencing on wash day. For those of you with high porosity hair, it’s super easy for our hair strands to get matted on top of having a kinkier hair texture. Our cuticles are raised so it makes it easy for the hair to get tangled.


It is a treatment you can apply to your hair before adding shampoo or conditioner. Pre-pooing your hair before a wash helps to detangle your hair. It also helps to avoid losing excess hair during the washing of your hair. You can apply it before the shampoo stage. It’s an extra step in one’s natural hair care regimen to protect your hair against the harsh stripping of the hair in the shampoo stage. It decreases the risk of dryness after shampooing your hair. So if you also suffer from dry hair you may want to look into Pre-poo. 


You can use either use an oil (Our Premium Blend Exotic Cocktail Oil is excellent for pre-poo) or conditioner mixed with water to detangle your hair. You can use a conditioner that has some slip to it. Apply the oil to damp hair (I use Aloe Vera Juice to dampen my hair before adding the oil) for 30 mins to an hour before shampooing. Some coilies like myself prefer to pre-poo the night before wash day and leave the oil overnight so my hair will get all the benefits of using our Exotic cocktail oil

I’ve done both but I’ve found leaving the oil/pre-poo in overnight more effective. I typically rotate between using our Exotic Cocktail Oil and conditioner mixed with water to pre-poo. Since I started pre-pooing a couple of years, I’ve found prep-pooing has helped to eliminate breakage, frizz and dry hair. Using our Exoctic cocktail oil in between as a pre-poo has helped to eliminate frizz and dry hair (. I use this method consistently (once a week) and I get great results. 


Yes, keeping those ends trimmed will help to minimize the amount of hair loss on wash day. Not only does trimming help to encourage hair growth but freshly cut ends help to better detangle your hair. Dead ends equal dead weight, it will lead to your hair getting tangled easily. The truth is damaged hair is harder to maintain (anyone who transitioned can attest to this). You can avoid unnecessary breakage by getting rid of those split ends before it's too late (your hair will grow back). Trimming your hair helps to maintain the thickness of hair.

In the past, I would trim my hair once a year and dust my ends every few months (trimming my ends without having to cut too much length off, it's like a minor version of trimming if that makes sense, LOL). At the end of last year, I noticed, not only was my hair uneven but my hair. So I definitely encourage getting your ends trimmed as needed to help minimize tangles and breakage.


What do you use to detangle your hair? Depending on how tangled your hair is, we recommend starting with your fingers and gently comb through your hair with your fingers. Then use your detangling brush, wide tooth comb, paddle brush, tangle teezer or whatever else you use to detangle your hair.  Remember, our hair is fragile and we have to be extra gentle with our hair especially when detangling. It's very easy for your strands to break or snap while detangling your hair. Preserve those strands, every strand counts! Our favorite detangling brush is our Coil Effect Detangling brush and it works wonder.

P.S. I use to hate detangling brushes. In the past, they would always pull my hair out. However, since I got my hands on our coil effect detangling brush OMG! It's the LOL! I'm retaining more length and detangling has been a breeze for me.


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