What Causes Hair Breakage?

First, you need to determine if your hair is shedding or breaking. Shedding is normal! We repeat shedding is normal.

Shedding occurs whenever you wash your hair, comb your hair, or style your hair. Studies show we shed between 50 and 100 hair strands a day.

Breakage happens when your hair strands snap or split midway and break at the end of the strand. Your hair breaks whenever a hair strand is either stressed or loses its protective outer layer. 

It's easy to tell the difference between a broken strand and a shedded strand. Hair that sheds will shed from the root and there will be a tiny white bull at the end of your strands. When the hair has gone through a complete cycle of growth it falls out and that's what causes the white bulb. 


There are a few things that causes breakage. Let's take a look at what they are:


Can cause your hair follicles to go dormant causing hair that’s in the middle of the growth cycle to break off.


Dry weather and low humidity can impact the condition of your hair. If your hair ends are constantly dry when shampooing focus on cleansing your scalp and stay away from the ends of your hair. After shampooing it’s always important to follow up with a “deep conditioner,” with heat. To add the moisture back into your strands.

Lack of Moisture 

If you don’t hydrate your hair, it leaves your hair prone to breakage. So you want to ensure your strands are getting lots of attention. We will always stress the importance of knowing you're hair porosity. Hair porosity is how well your hair can absorb moisture. There are 3 types of porosity levels (Low, Normal and High).

Elastic Hair Ties 

Be careful when using hair ties to make sure they are not tight. Hair ties can pull on your scalp and hair cuticle which can increase the amount of hair falling out when taking down your hair.

Single Strand Knots/fairy knots

They are very common amongst naturals with kinky and coily hair. They feel like beads along the hair strands. Which can result in breakage while combing or brushing your hair.

Trimming Your Hair

Yes, keeping those ends trimmed will help to minimize the amount of hair loss on wash day. Not only does trimming help to encourage hair growth but freshly cut ends help to better detangle your hair. Dead ends equal dead weight, it will lead to your hair getting tangled easily. The truth is damaged hair is harder to maintain (anyone who transitioned can attest to this). You can avoid unnecessary breakage by getting rid of those split ends before it's too late (your hair will grow back). Trimming your hair helps to maintain the thickness of hair.

Your Diet

Make sure your daily intake of water is sufficient. Its also important to get enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals that will contribute to healthy hair. Be sure your diet includes iron, since and folic acid. Consuming food that is rich in antioxidants and high in protein is always a plus for your hair.

Color-Treated Hair

Coloring your hair can expose your strands to harmful chemicals. Color-treated hair requires more maintenance. You have to keep up with your deep conditioning, protein and Olaplex treatments to ensure healthy hair. If you miss any treatments that can also cause breakage. When you color your hair the chemicals break down the bonds in the hair structure and cause the hair to become weaker and fragile.

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