How to Avoid Dry Hair This Winter?

Winter is here, coilies. How are your coils holding up so far? For those of us who are not blessed to live in states where the weather is warm year-round. We have to switch up our hair regimen and amp up the moisture. Take extra precautions to avoid dry hair during the cold months. Winter tends to be brutal on our hair and making sure our hair stays moisturized is important. No one wants to come out of winter with dry brittle hair. 

So here are some tips to avoid dry hair this winter. 

Avoid Heat Styling 

We're sure you have heard this time and time again when it comes to natural hair avoid heat at all cost. Yes, it's damaging but it can also alter your coil pattern and lead to heat damage when done often. Not only that but heat can also dry out your hair and lead to dry, brittle hair.

Wash Hair with Luke Warm Water and Rinse with Cool Water

We all love to take hot showers in the winter but avoid washing your hair with hot water. It will dry your hair shaft and strip your scalp of all its natural oils. Warm water is still able to remove build-up from your hair and open your hair cuticles for the low porosity coilies. When rinsing, rinse with cool water to help seal your hair follicles and lock in moisture.

Go Easy on the Wash N Go's

If you love doing wash n go's in the winter make sure your hair is completely dry before leaving the house. If you did not know wet hair is more prone to breakage. So going outside with wet hair in the winter can cause your strands to freeze and break. You can still air dry indoors but avoid going out with wet hair.

Hot Oil Treatment

We love a hot oil treatment. To avoid dry hair during the winter we highly recommend doing hot oil treatments biweekly or once a month. Depending on how often you're washing your hair. Hot oil treatments help to revitalize dry, damaged hair. Have you tried our Premium Blend Exotic Cocktail Oil the perfect oil to nourish your strands? It's a multi-purpose oil that can be used to seal moisture, hot oil treatments, Pre-poo, and scalp massages. You can also apply oil to your ends to protect your ends from splitting during the winter. 

Here are some benefits of using our lightweight NON-greasy Exotic Cocktail Oil. A blend of 16 different oils.

  • Seal moisture and penetrate the hair shaft
  • Reduce hair fall and frizz
  • Promote hair thickness
  • Stimulate hair growth
  • Boost shine and hair elasticity
  • Prevent dandruff and dry itchy scalp

Deep Condition regularly

Moisture, Moisture, and MORE Moisture. You have to double up on moisturizing when it comes to avoiding dry hair during the winter. Commit to weekly deep conditioning your hair. Deep conditioners help to replenish moisture and fight the effect indoor heating and winter weather can have on your hair.

Stay hydrated

Did you know that a single strand of your hair is made up of 25% water? Yes, therefore keeping your hair hydrated needs to start from within. Drinking enough water should be something you do ALL the time. It promotes hair growth from root to ends and a healthier scalp. Staying hydrated helps prevent problems with your scalp like itchiness, dryness, dandruff, and also split ends.

L.O.C/L.C.O Method

Layered products ( try the L.O.C method [Leave in conditioner or water (liquid), Oil and Cream] or L.C.O Method [Liquid, Cream, and Oil)  – It’s important to use leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, and sealers during the winter months. Layering these products will help your hair hold on to the moisture you’re giving it.

Heavy Products – Like Creams and Butters tend to keep our hair moisturized for a longer period vs. lighter weight products during the winter months. Heavy butter and cream help fill the gaps in your damaged cuticles and further protect your hair from losing too much moisture. 

Check out our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding perfect for high and low porosity hair. 

We hope you found this article helpful. Please comment any additional tips you use during the winter that has helped you to keep your hair moisturized.

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