How To Achieve The Perfect Braid out With Maximum Definition?

Coilies, are you still struggling to achieve the perfect braid out or twist out? We know many of you still struggle with this and one of our Coilies, Crystal is sharing with us today, how she achieved the perfect braid out using our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding and Exotic Cocktail Oil.   

Tips from @allkindzofhair on how to get the perfect braidout

Following a technique that YOUR hair likes is what’s important!!!

Here is my technique:

➰Start on Cleansed & Conditioned Hair- a clean canvas is key to a defined style

➰I start my style on Damp to 70% dry hair when doing braidouts and twistouts. I have tried it several different ways and this was the best option for MY hair.

➰Before applying the product, I rub it in my hands for better application. I would always call it “warming up the product”, but recently learned from @iamblackgirlcurls that it’s called Emulsifying!

➰I make sure that my section is detangled. Don’t @ me for using a rat tail comb, when I do braidouts and finger coils my hair will start webbing if I don’t detangle with a fine tooth comb.

➰I continue to saturate & work in the product until I can clearly see curl definition. I want it to look like I’m doing a wash n go. Anything less leaves me with frizzy spots.
Product used: @hercoilsorganic Styling Pudding

➰I start my braids (or twists) close to the scalp to prevent puffy roots. I take my time and keep my hands towards the roots to ensure the braid starts close to the root.

➰Then, I also make sure that I am tightly braiding to ensure that my hair will be really defined. And I coil the ends for a nice finish.

➰Once the braids are finished, I like to get under a hooded dryer about 15 min or so to jumpstart the drying process and I air dry the rest of the time.

➰Before unraveling the braids, I coat my hands and fingers with a lightweight oil to help prevent frizzing. I also make sure to be gentle and careful while unraveling. (There is no right or wrong way to unravel, you will see me use about 3 different techniques in the video.) Oil used: @hercoilsorganic Exotic Cocktail

➰When separating my hair, I follow the natural lines of separation. This is one of the reasons why Detangling is important, it gives clearer lines of separation. I like to pull my hair straight to easily see where the hair is naturally separating and separate it from the root to the end.

These steps have helped me achieve maximum definition.

 Click Here  to watch the video. 


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