9 Ways to Keep Your Hair Moisturized This Summer!

One thing every Coily Girl has in common right now is how to keep their hair moisturized in this heat. Yes, the season is upon us. I know we're all looking to have a hot girl summer. But Sis, you can't be a hot girl this summer with dry and brittle hair. So don't worry we've got you covered. We always want to keep in mind everyone's hair is different and may respond to certain products, methods or techniques differently. If you've been following our blog then you know we focus a lot on hair porosity.

We believe there are 3 types of naturals (Low, Normal and High porosity naturals). You're going to hear us talk about porosity a lot, because we believe knowing your hair porosity will eliminate a lot of your struggles in caring for your hair. The Natural Hair community has become so fixated on hair types that we've strayed away from what's important. Which is proper hair care! 

Low and high porosity hair is different. One can easily absorb moisture but does not retain it, while the other can't easily absorb moisture but when it does, it can retain it. One requires heavier products to retain its moisture and the other requires lighter products to absorb it. To learn all about low and high porosity hair and how to care for them, check out these two articles. How to Care For High Porosity Hair and How To Care For Low Porosity Hair?

Now that we've gotten the porosity pep talk out of the way. Here are 9 ways to keep your hair moisturized this summer. 


It’s really up to you. Some people prefer to co-wash more during the winter because they don’t want to strip their hair of all its natural oils. A lot of us tend to style our hair more in the summer, therefore, we have to cleanse more often. Whatever you decide it's important that you use a moisturizing shampoo when cleansing. Our shampoo is still in its developing stage. But there are some good moisturizing shampoos out there from other brands that do not strip the hair of its natural oils.


The purpose of a deep conditioner is to TEMPORARILY repair and nourish the hair cuticles with higher viscosity. Deep conditioners are like a temporary fix. It’s something you should do regularly.  It can help prevent heat damage and replace moisture and protein in your hair shaft. If your hair is dry and brittle it makes it easy to snap or break with tension. Especially if you don’t do low manipulation styles on your hair.

The overall goal is to prevent breakage so you need to nourish, strengthen and always keep your hair moisturized. A good deep conditioner will add moisture back into you hair. When you deep condition your hair often it helps to restore the elasticity of your hair and prevent hair loss. If you don’t know much about deep conditioning or need some recommendations, check out this article, Why It's Important To Deep Condition Your Hair? 


Water-based products penetrate the hair shaft. It helps add moisture back into dry strands. How do you know if a leave-in conditioner is water-based? By simply looking at the ingredients on the label, the first ingredient should be "water," aka purified water or aqua. Leave-in conditioners are moisturizers and contain humectants (though not all leave-in conditioners contain a humectant, that's something you have to look for on the label). Humectants draw moisture into your hair, keeping your hair moisturized for longer.

Lucky for you our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding is a moisturizer and styler. It's a one-and-done product. You can skip the leave-in conditioner and go straight for our Styler. Why? It contains two humectants Glycerin and Panthenol (B Vitamin) and it's water-based, which enables your hair to retain the moisture for a longer period. Our first 3 ingredients in our Styling Pudding is Water, Hydrolyze Hibiscus Water and Flaxseed Gell ALL water based. 


If you don't have a daily routine, I'd recommend incorporating a morning or nighttime routine this summer. Especially if you're one of those coilies whose hair is constantly dry. When you notice your hair is dry, make your own little spritz. You can mix distilled water, add a little conditioner and essential oil (lemongrass, lavender or rosemary oil, etc.) You wouldn't need to re-moisturize your hair as much with our Styling Pudding. Whatever you decide to do, get creative and moisturize your hair at all cost.


This one is short and sweet. It's hot enough outside to let your hair air dry. There is no need to diffuse your hair. Let your hair air dry and let it lock in as much moisture.


If you’re protective styling with box braids (extensions) I recommend that in between styles please give your hair a break to care for it. Go easy on your edges Sis, you need your edges.


Drink lots of water. Dehydration can cause breakage to your hair.


It's not a hot girl summer if you're not posted up at the pool rocking your coils, curls or kinks. Before going swimming be sure to apply some conditioner or leave-in conditioner to your hair. Chlorine and saltwater are known to cause dry hair. By doing this it provides extra protection for your hair while swimming.

L.O.C METHOD/L.C.O (DISCLAIMER: This method does NOT work for all porosity hair)

Now this one is a little tricky because many low porosity naturals may need to use 1 or 2 products. However, those with high porosity may need all 3 products to lock in their moisture. So again if you know your hair and 3 products is too much cut it down to two or one. Just be sure to find a good moisturizing product that will keep your hair moisturized. I have high porosity hair and in the past, I had had to use 3 products to lock in moisture. But I have tweaked my regimen. Now all I have to do is use our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding and my hair can go days without needing to re-moisturized. This pudding is also lightweight so it does not weigh down the hair or cause building up during the summer months. Simple because of the heat I want to make sure my hair can breathe.

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