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How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage?

How to Minimize Tangles and Breakage? We think it's safe to say all the coilies around the world are still trying to figure this one out! Pre-Poo might be foreign to some in the natural hair community especially when it adds an extra step to your wash day.

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Why It's Important To Deep Condition Your Hair?

Do you deep condition often, coilies? We talk to so many coilies daily asking for hair tips and you won't believe how many of them do not deep condition their hair often. Today, we want to tackle this topic. Hopefully, after reading this blog post you will incorporate deep conditioning regularly into your hair regimen.

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How To Achieve The Perfect Braid out With Maximum Definition?

Coilies, are you still struggling to achieve the perfect braid out or twist out? We know many of you still struggle with this and one of our Coilies, Crystal is sharing with us today, how she achieved the perfect braid out using our Ultra Moisturizing Styling Pudding and Exotic Cocktail Oil.    Tips from @allkindzofhair on how to get the perfect braidout•Following a technique that YOUR hair likes is what’s important!!! Here is my technique: ➰Start on Cleansed & Conditioned Hair- a clean canvas is key to a defined style➰I start my style on Damp to 70% dry hair when doing braidouts and twistouts. I have tried it several different ways and this was the best option for MY hair.➰Before applying the product, I rub it...

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